On 31 January 2024, GLOBSEC US Foundation held a high level roundtable on the implications of
ongoing structural dependencies in national security platforms and assets on China and

The high-level roundtable explored the complex web of structural dependencies embedded
within national security platforms and assets, particularly focusing on the ramifications of the
ongoing dependencies on China and Russia. Participants engaged in a conversation on
how intertwined systems, ranging from technological infrastructure to supply chains, shape
the geopolitical landscape. Emphasis is placed on understanding how these dependencies
influence and reshape strategic decision-making, procurement of defense capabilities, and
restructuring of supply chains.

The discussion examined the vulnerabilities inherent in such interdependencies, highlighting
the potential leverage points that adversaries like China and Russia could exploit. Attention
was drawn to the intricate balance between trade in dual-use technologies and competition,
where reliance on dual-use technologies and resources simultaneously fosters the need to
engage and heightens security risks. The conversation also covered scenarios where
disruptions in critical supply chains or interconnected systems could have far-reaching
consequences, undermining national security and triggering geopolitical tensions.