While the cyber domain of conflict has not received as much attention in the war waged against Ukraine, the country has been determinedly building its cyber resilience allowing it to defend in cyberspace as formidably as it has. In part, Ukraine has been able to build resilience by partnering with the private sector as a key ally. By partnering with technology companies, Ukraine has been able to access critical cybersecurity tools and intelligence, which has complemented its own cyber defence efforts.

Domestically, Ukraine’s engagement with the private sector has been particularly significant in protecting privately-owned critical infrastructure companies and building trust with the government. However, challenges remain in delineating the scope of private sector involvement in cyber conflict and navigating the differing incentives of the public and private sector. These challenges are also roadblocks to any feasible institutionalised cyber defence model, even as the level of cooperation between CERTs, technology companies, and security agencies suggests that ad-hoc collective cyber defence efforts are already underway.

This policy brief outlines some key takeaways from the active private sector participation in Ukraine’s cyber defences since Russia’s invasion in February 2022.  It contains insights from industry experts, government representatives, and researchers on cybersecurity who participated in a closed-door roundtable discussion conducted as part of the GLOBSEC Future of Cyberspace Cooperation Initiative: Transatlantic Chapter, in partnership with GLOBSEC US Foundation.

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